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Nebraska Court Reporters Association
Past Presidents

Thank you to the following Nebraska court reporters who have graciously donated their time, talents and leadership to NeCRA in the past:

1999-2000     Lori McGowan
2000-2001     Brooke Lehman (Downing)
2001-2002     Gretchen Thomas
2002-2003     Pam Weyant
2003-2004     Jackie Queen
2004-2005     Marcia Mahon
2005-2006     Connie Lee
2006-2007     Sonya Rector Kennedy
2007-2008     Julie Pell
2008-2009     Angela Comeau
2009-2010     Kami Hooey
2010-2011     Jill Albracht
2011-2012     Julie Boutard
2012-2013     Jane Magnuson
2013-2014     Doris Schuessler
2014-2015     Bev Huerter
2015-2016     Caroline Miller
2016-2017     Megan Bellamy
2017-2018     Jill Pilkington
2018-2019     Christine Salerno
2019-2020     Kathy Skalka
2020-2021     Amy Luttman

2021-2022    Christal McDonald

2022-2023    Christal McDonald

NeCRA makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all material on this site. If a discrepancy arises between any document published here and the official version of that document, the official version shall govern.

The Nebraska Court Reporters Association is a 501(c)(6) org


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