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STENO:  Try It Out (It’s Free!)

Project Steno’s Basic Training course is a free, hands-on, intro-to-steno course where you will learn the rudiments of machine shorthand theory.  That’s the keyboard system used by professional court reporters and captioners to capture high-speed speech verbatim using a Stenograph machine.  In just six sessions, you’ll discover how the magic is done!

Register for Basic Training today, and you’ll get an email outlining the upcoming session dates.  Pick one that suits your schedule and enroll.  It’s free!  The only investment required is your time.  If you don’t have a steno machine to use, ask us for options.

Is a career in court reporting or captioning right for you? This free introductory course will answer that question for you.

Questions about the profession?  Inquire at BasicTraining@ProjectSteno.org.

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